The Invention

One day, Kristyn and Erica were playing hopscotch on the playground at Westbend Elementary. They were talking about the story their teacher Mr. Moore had read about famous inventors. An inventor is someone who thinks of new things to make that haven't been made before.

They thought that it would be neat to invent something that everybody would want. They decided to invent something all kids would like, but what? How about plates that make food you don't like disappear? Or a toy that will clean your room? Or a robot to do your chores? Or shoes that make you jump three feet in the air? These were all possibilities.They asked Mr. Moore if they could talk to the kids in their class. He said that was fine with him. After they asked the class a lot of questions, they decided what they would like to invent.

Carlos, Jared, Maria and Ryan said that they would like to help with the invention. They decided to meet in Kristyn's garage after school.Kristyn's mom brought the supplies to the garage and told the kids to have fun. She brought milk, ice, salt, vanilla, sugar, and their secret ingredient. They worked hard, and an hour later they were satisfied with their new invention.

The next day after lunch, Kristyn's mom brought the invention to school for all the students to try. What do you think it was? The kids had invented a new flavor of ice cream. It was cold, creamy and bumpy, and all the kids liked it. It was Tapioca pudding ice cream!

The Home Fun!

Lil' Dragons should draw, color and explain their very own idea for an invention. Invention must have the Dragon's first name and last initial.  Please use 8.5" by 11" paper or the print the pdf file below. Drawings will be posted to the academy website for voting to win an awesome Back-to-School Ice Cream Party.

click for Lil' Dragon Invention Blank