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This is an intense, revolutionary training Cage Fitness& Self-Defense class for women.  Tired of bench classes, stair- masters and tread-mills?  Try a Cage Fitness class that accomplishes better results and at the same time you learn Martial Arts techniques?  While you are getting into shape firming, toning, losing body fat and increasing endurance, you will learn Mixed Martial Arts techniques that could be used to protect yourself and loved ones.  Wouldn't it be great to learn something useful while getting into shape at the same time?                 

This Cage Fitness & Self-Defense class can accomplish all of that.

You can have the confidence to walk down the street and not worry about what is around the corner. Who has years to get a black belt? This system is designed to minimize your training time with simple, effective, street lethal techniques that will incapacitate any attacker, irrespective of your training background, your size, your age, or your physical ability. What is more we work to develop your mental strength and street survival instincts through special drills. A street fight might not last 25 minutes like the Championship of an Ultimate Fighting Event, but it isn’t over in 5 seconds either. The good news is that we help get you in to great shape here too. Not only will you learn the ultimate self-defense techniques for any street scenario, but also each class we’ll help you to get fit and make sure you have fun doing it.

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