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Friday, May 28, 2010


  Today’s society does not seem to have a high regard for the trait of humility. Athletes prance around and promote individual accomplishments during a game, corporate executives attempt to shift blame for poor performance on their employees, and even school systems will quickly take credit for high test scores, while pointing their finger at others when they have poor results.

     Humility is regarded as a weakness by many. They view it as a result of poor self-esteem, or a damaged upbringing. People who demonstrate true humility are rare. Many do not understand the value of this important character trait.

     The martial arts stands in sharp contrast to this backdrop. Humility has been a virtue promoted by the martial arts for centuries, and has been recognized as an effective tool for not only keeping one’s pride in check, but for developing a healthy self-respect. In addition, humility has been recognized as an effective motivational tool.

     The fact is, those who effectively demonstrate the attributes of humility have a greater opportunity for success in all areas of life. Those individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously, are generous with praise for others, and are willing to share credit and take blame when necessary, create loyalty and dedication from coworkers, friends, family, and teammates

     This month, seek out opportunities to demonstrate humility. Take time to read about some of the great individuals who lived lives marked by humility. Compare what history says about their accomplishments and character with contemporaries who held humility in less esteem. See if there are certain lessons about humility you can apply to your life from theirs.

      Humility may be an overlooked and undervalued character trait, but it continues to be appreciated by those most directly impacted by it. As you make an effort to display the qualities of humility, see if there is a difference in how people relate to you. You might just find that the road to personal accomplishment is much easier when you remain humble.

  Living a life of humility reveals strength of character and the understanding that your achievements are not due to your actions alone. Humility helps us put our accomplishments in the proper context – one that recognizes that we are part of a larger stream of individuals who are impacted and will impact many others. Through humility, we gain true self-respect and wisdom.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heores have Heores

It's an amazing when you get to spend time with someone who has inspired and motivated you. In your eyes they become a hero in every meaning of the word. When you stand in their presents you feel energized and uplifted. What is even more amazing is when your hero is embraced by his hero and you realize that you must every day live up to the high standard set by such titans. I was nervous for a minute. I figured out how easy it was a simple formula:

Share your best+ Surround your self with "good guys"+ Smile Much = A Great Life!

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