It is our pleasure to welcome you to Kang’s Black Belt Academy's Leadership Elite!
It can truly be said that Heroes train here.    

We proudly present the highly acclaimed Heroes in Waiting program!  Heroes in Waiting represents our commitment to our students and our community to teach  people of all ages to let their hero inside shine! One person really can change a life and make a difference!
 At some point, each of us will be presented with a situation in which someone needs immediate help. A split-second decision must be made. Will our inner hero brilliantly shine when a fellow human being is in need, or will we quietly fade into the background and do nothing? 
Heroes in Waiting instills a commitment for each of us to be an active part of our world and to rise to the occasion when others are in need, just as we would be grateful to a hero who helped us or a loved one. When our opportunity arrives and we choose to take action, live up to our full potential, and make a difference, we transform from a hero in waiting to a hero for a lifetime!
From that moment on, we know that our self-worth comes from within and there is nothing that we cannot accomplish! 

See Mr. Jox for your Leadership Elite commitment form and student hand book.