Our Lil’ Dragon program is an excellent choice for giving your child a strong start on life. Whether it be the early demands and concerns of pre-school, or the natural fears of loosening the reigns of control on your child's daily activities. These early years are so vital in developing the habits that lead to a healthier, happier and more confident child.
We teach and instill basic developmental skills that will show up in many aspects of life such as: showing proper manners, how to look someone in the eyes, shake their hand and give a polite greeting, improved listening skills, longer periods of focus and attention span, self control of one's actions and attitudes, learning to participate in group activities and getting along well with others. It's no magic pill and it doesn't happen in one class. However, for many parents, our program is the perfect alliance and is one of the most valued investments for their child. We've had outstanding success teaching kids how to become goal-oriented, athletic and academic achievers. We believe that every child has the potential to become an achiever and a Black Belt in Life!


The Lil' Dragon Program at a glance

1.      The over all goal of the Lil' Dragon program is  

      to promote Tae Kwon Do as a martial art, teach

      important life skills, allow children 6 and under

      to be active, and have fun.

2.      The Lil' Dragon  program blends traditional Tae

      Kwon Do with modern safety and life skills, such

      as stranger danger, fire safety, anti-drug and


3.      The Lil' Dragon program is not a babysitting

      service. Students will be expected to follow


4.      Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their

      students train.

5.     Parents who leave students must bring their

     student into class and notify Mr. Jox directly.

     Parents must also return before the end of

     class to pick up their students.

6.      There will be limited sparring or point fighting

     between Lil' Dragon  students. A black belt

     instructor will supervise all sparring.

7.     Parents should also know what is required of

     their student.

8.      There will be some small expenses over several

      months. (Uniform, Protective Gear and Testing


     9.  If your student does not have fun or does not

       look forward to class, please see Mr. Jox.

10.  If your student is having a great time, please

      tell a friend.


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Habits we Train...are Habits we Gain!

We take our job as Instructors and success coaches very seriously. We know that we can make a difference and we have been developing innovative and successful systems for years. All of our Lil’ Dragon classes are taught in a safe, fun, upbeat and energizing environment. Your child is developing habits everyday; anything they do over and over again is becoming habit. Good habits are easy to live with, however, they can be tough to develop on your own. Most people need a coach and that’s where we come in. Unfortunately, bad habits are easy to develop and are very tough to live with. Our teaching style is based on positive coaching, goal setting and lot’s of encouragement. We never give up on kids; we always team up and we have plenty of success stories to keep us committed to instilling habits of excellence in the lives of children.

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What You Look for in Your Child

* Increased Attention Span
* Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
* Improved Listening and Concentration Skills
* Higher levels of Respect and Obedient Behavior
* Decrease in Parent Separation Anxiety
* Improved Self-Confidence & Self Esteem
* Greater overall Health & Fitness
* Better direction and use of their energy
* Development of a Non-Quitting Spirit
* "Yes I Can" Attitude


Practical Self-Defense & Safety Awareness

Safe kids make for happy parents. Kids tend to listen to people they like, trust and respect. Our highly trained teaching staff will share vital safety tips and teach your child practical self-defense. Most important is that your child understands some simple rules of safety. They will learn tips such as safety in numbers and learning to practice safe habits in their daily routine. Knowledge is power; we provide an explanation of common abduction lures and teach kids to be cautiously aware of their surroundings. No parent wants their child to live in fear, yet they want to know that their child is safe. We believe strongly in helping your child become confident and capable young adults who understand right from wrong and will know when to stand their ground and when to run-yell-tell. We also stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations and practical techniques for getting away from a range of situations being cornered, being grabbed and being tackled to the ground. Our practical self-defense skills include Tae Kwon Do, Hapki-do and on the ground grappling defense. Your child will be trained when and when not to use their self defense skills, and our students have a clear understanding of being responsible for their actions and attitudes.