Tae Kwon Do Begins and Ends With Respect

Our Tae Kwon Do Program is based on the core values of Martial Arts training. "Martial Arts Begins and Ends With Respect." From this basic premise, we develop The students awareness and skills in five primary areas (or Tenets): courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. Our core curriculum includes hi-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each student’s attitude, behavior and overall character development. Our Tae Kwon Do and Leadership Elite training helps children and adults develop greater self-control and self-discipline in everything they do. Our training instills confidence through positive coaching, lot's of encouragement and a powerful mentoring relationship with role model leaders. We also teach valuable life skills that focus on Goal-Setting, positive attitude, relationship building, communication skills and leadership. We offer an exciting step-by-step coaching approach to develop these critical personal development and hi-level achievement skills.

Our Tae Kwon Do Program at a glance.


1.      The over all goal of the Kang’s Black Belt

     Academy is to promote Tae Kwon Do as a

    martial art, teach self-defense, allow people

     of all ages to be active, and have fun.

2.      The Kang’s Black Belt Academy blends

      traditional Tae Kwon Do with modern safety

      and self-defense, as well as training in sport

      martial arts for open competition.

3.      The Kang’s Black Belt Academy is not a

      babysitting service. Younger students will be

      expected to follow directions.

4.      Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their

     students train.

5.     Parents who leave students must bring their

     student into class and notify Mr. Jox directly. 

     Parents must also return before class is over to

     pick up their students.

6.      There will be light contact sparring (or point

      fighting) between students. A black belt

      instructor will supervise all sparring.

7.      Parents should also know what is required of

      their student. (See student handout)

8.      There will be some small expenses over several

      months. (Uniform, Protective Gear and Testing


     9.   If your student does not have fun or does not

       look forward to class, please see Mr. Jox.

10.  If your student is having a great time, please

      tell a friend.



Healthy, Happy & Fit...with a Fighting Spirit that will Never Quit!

Television, video games and fast foods present significant temptations and challenges to our young people today. We strive every day to deliver a program that builds a sense of balance for your child. Our Leadership Elite Program inspires kids with specific instruction on how to live healthier, how to exercise and how to build energy and a dynamic spirit. We want your child to be better prepared to face life's challenges and be successful in everything they do. Statistics tell us that 1/3 of all kids are obese and that fully 2/3 are overweight and at risk of preventable health challenges that could lead to early death. Most kids are less active than previous generations and spend too much time on the computer or playing video games. They barely even have a structured gym class in school. Combine the lack of activity with the ease of fast foods and the junk that kids can easily become addicted to, and it's easy to see why our nation is creating kids at risk. Our program will get your child in the best shape of their young lives. We'll increase their flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance. All while they are having fun and learning valuable life skills that will carry over to becoming successful adults. Our instructors are experts at motivating kids and bringing out the best in them. We love to team up with families to instill a non-quitting spirit in kids and help them become to Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and Black Belts in life.

Demo at Tanger Outlets "Kid Style" 7-16-14

Practical Self-Defense & Safety Awareness

Safe kids make for happy parents. Kids tend to listen to people they like, trust and respect. Our highly trained teaching staff will share vital safety tips and teach your child practical self-defense. Most important is that your child understands some simple rules of safety. They will learn tips such as safety in numbers and learning to practice safe habits in their daily routine. Knowledge is power; we provide an explanation of common abduction lures and teach kids to be cautiously aware of their surroundings. No parent wants their child to live in fear, yet they want to know that their child is safe. We believe strongly in helping your child become confident and capable young adults who understand right from wrong and will know when to stand their ground and when to run-yell-tell. We also stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations and practical techniques for getting away from a range of situations being cornered, being grabbed and being tackled to the ground. Our practical self-defense skills include Tae Kwon Do, Hapki-do and on the ground grappling defense. Your child will be trained when and when not to use their self defense skills, and our students have a clear understanding of being responsible for their actions and attitudes.

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Tae Kwon Do students are always Victors and never Victims...

Kids who learn to defend themselves usually will never have to. They have learned to walk with confidence and they are less apt to be a prime target for bullies and/or abductors. Studies prove that anyone who wants to harm a child or has ill intent is more likely to go for the weakest looking kid they can find. Kids that are aware and act in a more confident manner are the greatest deterrent to bullies and dangerous adults. Kids who train in the Tae Kwon Do become more assertive and less aggressive. Just like Adults, if they have a healthy outlet for their energy, they will let go of stress and frustrations. Watch the level of energy our kids exert in a class and you'll understand why they sleep well at night. Kids with a high level of self-confidence are also better able to deal with negative peer pressure and "Say No" to dangerous situations and threatening adults.