What is Tae Kwon Do?


Tae Kwon Do is a traditional martial art from Korea and literally means the way of the fist and foot.


How is Tae Kwon Do different from other martial arts, like Karate?


Tae Kwon Do is known as a strong kicking art with a focus on blending kicking and striking techniques.


         It is also recognized for great physical training

        and mental focus.

Master Kang (1980)

What is special about Kang’s Black Belt Academy?

Kang’s was first brought to Western Pennsylvania in 1971 by Master Shin Duk Kang.  It  was Master Kang who believed that the best way to teach is blend the strict traditions of the old Korean masters and the systematic methods of the modern American schools.



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Kang’s has an outstanding reputation for producing great competitive martial artists, with many state champions, nationally ranked competitors, and even a U.S. national team captain.

The central theme to learning Tae Kwon Do at Kang’s Black Belt Academy is that there is no hurry.  Some martial art programs rush students through with expensive belt tests every month, we believe that it is better to spend a year making a great green belt rather than a sloppy black belt.


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What is the Lil'Dragon program about?

The Lil' Dragon  program is designed to teach traditional martial arts along with safety and life skills.  The Lil' Dragon  program is meant for students 6 years old and younger.  The Lil' Dragon  program utilizes martial art techniques that natural and readily learned by younger students.  This is done by use of motor skill development and plyometric exercise all while the students are having fun and engaged in playful games to hide repetition.


Kangs Black Belt Academy

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